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[wtp-dev] Remaining R102 targeted defect status for J2EE team...

The remaining bugs are still targetted for R102

112925 nor P1 cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx igorfie@xxxxxxxxx NEW 1.0 1.0.2 M102 An internal error occurred during: "Initializing Java too...
This problem is caused by factory classes not being registered before early startup code is invoked.  - Can't recreate locally - have ideas, but no fix on table yet.

130994 cri P1 cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx kosta@xxxxxxx REOP 1.0.1 1.0.2 M102 Deadlock in StructureEdit
Moving this defect to R1.5, the patch was localized, and was never proven to fix the original problem - need a broader strategy for locking.

134480 cri P3 cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx eclipse_bugzilla@chrislille... NEW 1.0.1 1.0.2 M102 [modulecore] Eclipse hangs when saving file
Asked originator to recreate on R102, this was on R101 level code, and many changes could prevent this problem. - may resolve to LATER

133187 cri P3 nagrawal@xxxxxxxxxx balakuma@xxxxxxxxxx NEW 1.0.2 1.0.2 M102 ConcurrentModifiationExceptions in ResourceSetWorkbenchEd...
Neeraj is working with originator, and no fix is available, currently creating dumps of all threads at point of exception to investigate state since we can't recreate locally.

135116 maj P2 nagrawal@xxxxxxxxxx jspitman@xxxxxxxxxx NEW 1.0.2 1.0.2 M102 ejb import wizard invokes old ear creation wizard
Fix in hand - asked for PMC approval today

Thanks - Chuck

Rational J2EE Tooling Team Lead
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC
Email:  cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 919-254-1848 (T/L: 444)

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