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[wtp-dev] NOTICE: archive-like pre-req downloads and drivers being moved

Almost no one needs to know this, but "builders" and "test runners" (from WTP or adopters) should read details.

1. if anyone is mimicking/following our build steps closely, there's a part where we rely on potentially-short-lived prereqs by making our own copy into
and then we refer to those pre-reqs in our build scripts, until we move up to a more permanent pre-req.
Due to webmaster rule #103561
there is no good reason to store these in a mirrored area, since they are little used, and the need for them is short lived.
(And, they currently take up the huge amount of 1.5 Gig :)

change you'll need to do (if mimicking our build scripts) ...  use

2. I blindly copied over what was in our mirrored archives to the non-mirrored archives, which
means there's a lot of old junk in there we no longer need. I will be delete the older stuff in there.
If any committers think they might need something there, please see
and let me know.
(for example, I even put the old initial geronimo plugin there, as I can't imagine we need it "live" anywhere.
But, if desired to remain in the archive, be sure to let me know).

I will leave "old stuff" in place a few more weeks, then remove, unless someone says they need more time to
transition ... and hopefully no one will even need to transition.


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