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Re: [wtp-dev] Request PMC permission to fix 133878

+1  I've read the bug report and agree it seems important, low risk, and tested (and I assume on other databases too, besides sybase).

On one condition ... you educate me on what the heck a lowercase time stamp looks like!?    :)

But, after our release candidate, I'd recommend these sort of  bug be deferred.

Der Ping Chou/Redmond/IBM@IBMUS
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03/29/2006 01:15 PM

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Hemant S Kolwalkar/Redmond/IBM@IBMUS, John Pitman/Bedford/IBM@IBMUS, Lawrence E Dunnell/Redmond/IBM@IBMUS
[wtp-dev] Request PMC permission to fix 133878

This is a low risk and isolated fixes to work around Sybase database 'timestamp' data type.


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