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Re: [wtp-dev] WTP 1.5 and XDoclet support


XDoclet is not for EJB3.

Project DALI is dealing specifically with the EJB3 support.  You will
probably get a chance to try it very soon.  I am afraid it will not be
included with the 1.5 due to the short time available.  However, you
will be able to get it separately.  In the longer term, it will be
integrated into the wtp distribution.

Hi all,

I have few questions regarding WTP 1.5 and XDoclet support.
How the XDoclet annotations will be handled in WTP1.5? If an application developer generate EJB 3.0 bean he/she can use just JDK 5.0 annotations without ejb-jar xml descriptor and therefore the XDoclet is not needed. How the bean wizard will look like in this case?

        Where I can find what the plans in this direction are?
I tried here _ but found nothing relevant

Thanks and Regards,


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