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Re: [wtp-dev] specific wizard for creation of portlets (and tag library descriptors)

There are no plans at this time to have portlet support in WTP -

However, we have been experimenting with JSR 168 portlet support using facets in Lomboz (see the latest 3.1.2 release) with support for eXo portal (another objectweb project) There are some interesting problems like Portal runtime support and defining what a portlet container is. For example, tld support is not too meaningful without defining a portlet container that provides the implementation for the standard portlet tags. No plans to contribute that to WTP yet. We will need to understand the requirements better.

Hi all,

I want to ask whether portlet support (specific wizard for creation of portlet project as well as creation of portlet.xml) is intended to be included in WTP1.5, or this will be concern of the contributors/vendors? I’m interesting about the similar wizard for TLD (tag library descriptor) too?

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