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Re: [wtp-dev] specific wizard for creation of portlets (and tag library descriptors)


Portlet support is currently not in our plan. My understanding of portlets is that they are not part of the core J2EE specification. They are extensions, correct? If a portlet project were proposed, a case could be made for having it incubate in WTP given the close affinity with J2EE.

TLD on the other hand is definitely in scope since JSP is part of J2EE. Are you interested in contributing a wizard?

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[wtp-dev] specific wizard for creation of portlets (and tag library        descriptors)

Hi all,
I want to ask whether portlet support (specific wizard for creation of portlet project as well as creation of portlet.xml) is intended to be included in WTP1.5, or this will be concern of the contributors/vendors? I’m interesting about the similar wizard for TLD (tag library descriptor) too?
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