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RE: [wtp-dev] WTP EclipseCon Project Sprint



Is there sufficient time for another slot? I can give a quick facets overview if there is enough time...


- Konstantin


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Hi Lawrence,

John Lanuti has agreed to present a couple slides for the j2ee team including ongoing work with the common navigator, flexible project etc....

Thanks - Chuck

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Please respond to
"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues."






[wtp-dev] WTP EclipseCon Project Sprint




WTP will host a project sprint at EclipseCon again this year. This event, which was very well attended last year, is a great opportunity for the WTP community to meet the committers and hear first-hand about WTP development.

To that end, I'd like to request that each component lead or a representative from each component create 1 or 2 slides and speak for ~5 minutes about the component at the sprint. The slides should be very high level and speak to what has been accomplished already and what's upcoming in WTP 1.5 and beyond. Component leads, I'd appreciate knowing who will represent your component by this week's status meeting (Mar. 9).

Tim/Arthur/Naci - I think it is also a good idea for one or all of you to speak about WTP's direction (and anything else you feel important).

Please use the EclipseCon 2006 slide template for your slides. The template can be found at I will assemble the slides into one presentation. I'd appreciate slides being submitted by Mar. 16, to me via e-mail.

I don't yet know the date and time of the WTP project sprint but will follow up when the event is officially scheduled.


Lawrence Mandel

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