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[wtp-dev] Migration Notes Log

Hi Team,

I really appreciate everyone's care in noting and communicating changes that are coming in WTP 1.5 for our adopters.

One way we might be able to enhance this and preserve it for those that may not be migrating on our same schedule, is to keep a list
of the "migration notes" that adopters can refer to, instead of them having to search though bugzilla and the mailing list archives.

I've "seeded" this effort by
   1. Starting a wiki page at, and
   2. copy/pasting a few recent notes to this mailing list.

So, please take a take a look and consider keeping it up to date with brief quick notes, pointing to other sources of
information or bugzillas.

I think it will be especially useful not only for "the things we know about", but as adopters run into misc., things
we forgot to document, we can make a small note in that wiki page, so that eventually it will become something of
a "FAQ for adopter migration".  

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