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[wtp-dev] RC3 fixes for server tools


The following stop-ship bugs from Thursday's hot list have been released and are ready for an RC3 build. For anyone interested in the changes I've added comments to the bugs and attached the fixes.

119769 cri P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.0 M10 No modification stamp change in Utility project
110455 enh P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.0 M10 List Downloadable Server Runtimes
118727 blo P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.0 M10 Unable to set web module path in server document

The following two bugs have been added to the hot list since Thursday:

120109 blo P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.0 M10 Unable to download Geronimo server
Dynamic support for downloading the Geronimo server adapter is failing because the update manager API we're using does not handle mirrors correctly. The quick fix for 1.0 is to change the update manager URL to point directly to one of the mirrors.

120003 enh P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.0.1 Neither Add or Remove utility project to dynamic web project set server state to republish
I had started to investigate this bug before Arthur cleverly convinced the originator to defer to 1.0.1. However, while investigating and fixing this I found a case where servers were not firing publish state changes correct and another where the Servers view was not updating correctly. As a result, adopter plugins can get out of sync with a server and end users may interpet this as instability or bugs in the publish detection. Although this isn't blocking, I beleive this fix will improve stability and avoid a number of ugly publishing issues.

Fixes for both of these bugs have been released to HEAD and are waiting for approval or deferal by the PMC.

Tim deBoer
WebSphere Tools - IBM Canada Ltd.
(905) 413-3503  (tieline 969)