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Re: [wtp-dev] FW: 120109


I'll put this on the Hot List, but unless Tim can make a completely safe and small fix in time for RC3, this should be defered.

Although we'd like your conference demo to go well, that is not sufficient justification for us to delay our 1.0 release. Perhaps you could demo a privately patched version?

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12/09/2005 10:44 AM

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[wtp-dev] FW: 120109

Hi all,

I just opened

I desperately need this fix (want to show the feature off at Apache Con this
Sunday, as well as the rest of WTP). :)

The problem as stated in the defect is that Apache infra won't allow
download to occur from the location of the site.xml, nor the apache main
load site.  Thus the download needs to come from one of the mirrors.  So I'm
assuming the API returns a list of available download sites, the first one
is usually the main download site (the location of the site.xml you're
pointing to), the rest are the mirrors.  In my case, the next site should be
the recommended site and this site is the site that should be used to
download the server adapter.

The code change is not geronimo specific, as if there are available mirrors
for any downloadable runtime/adapter I think the code shouldn't choose the
main download site, but instead the first available mirror.


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