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[wtp-dev] What To Do During the "Cool Down" Period

As you should know by now, we are implementing a 7-day cooling off period after building a release candidate and declaring WTP 1.0. We will reset the clock to allow a full 5-business day period for testing after each release candidate is declared. This period will allow our adopters to raise any stop ship problems.

Here's what you should be doing during that period:

1. Run your scenarios and test cases and report errors. If any are stop ship, set the target to 1.0 M10 and we'll review the unresolved problems daily.
2. If problems are not stop ship, and you have a work-around, add that to the bug and post the workaround to this list. I will collect them into Release Notes.
3. Verify any resolved bugs that you reported.
4. Close any verified bugs that you own.

FYI, if you look at your personal page, e.g. mine [1], you'll see handy bugzilla queries for bugs to verify [2] and close[3].


Arthur Ryman,
IBM Software Group, Rational Division

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