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RE: [wtp-dev] JUnit Framework

Thanks David.   Yes, I saw that and I know I must use this to eventually hook into the build-and-run-tests process.
What I really meant to say, I guess, is there a set of WTP specific TestCase/TestSuite sub-classes that are commonly used?  Is there a set of common utility classes used to do common setup-type things?  
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Yes, sort of .... we use the same as "base Eclipse" .. its available from their download page.

Its a zip that starts with "eclipse-test-framework- "

You can see any of our test plugins, which have a test.xml file that "hooks in" to it.


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[wtp-dev] JUnit Framework

Hi All,
Has there been a common testing framework developed for WTP that one might be able to use?   I don't see one, but I could have missed it.   If not, is one being considered?
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