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Re: [wtp-dev] Hot Bug Status Required for RC2

Due to the reasons below, the following defects will have to be deferred
until 1.5.

* 108176 : SOAPBody serialization problem (The fix I have today involves a
change in event notification, and affects other relevant parts of the
model, which may destabilize the model. So this will require a careful
examination for the fix and full regression testing, which could not be
done in a short time period).
* 111085 : XSD read performance problem (This involves analyzing the nature
of the performance problem, then fixing it once the problem is identified,
followed by regression testing so this cannot be contained in 1.0).

- Kihup

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                                       [wtp-dev] Hot Bug Status Required   
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I've updated the Hot List based on adopter input. There are 6 that have no
target milestone. Would assignees please target these. There are 13
targetted for 1.0.  Please report your status for RC2. Should any of these
be defered?
  ID  Se Pr    Assignee    Sta Resolu Targe           Summary           
      v  i                 tus  tion   tM                               
 1190 bl P2 kosta@xxxxxxx  NEW        ---   Deadlock on                 
 66   o                                     FacetedProject.hasProjectFa 
                                            cet(final IProject...       
 1169 ma P2 deboer@xxxxxx. NEW        ---   Excessive publishing        
 66   j     com                                                         
 1189 ma P2 kosta@xxxxxxx  NEW        ---   Need way to have            
 03   j                                     adopter-defined facets      
                                            automatically app...        
 1177 ma P2 kosta@xxxxxxx  NEW        ---   Runtime facet cannot        
 84   j                                     specify required facet      
 1169 ma P2 sinan.konya@et NEW        ---   Variety of problems using   
 63   j                     IBM Websphere 6 under WTP   
 1189 no P2 kosta@xxxxxxx  NEW        ---   JavaModelException when     
 37   r                                     setting runtime on Java     
 1115 no P3 deboer@xxxxxx. NEW        ---   Seperation of Server and    
 45   r     com                             Runtime is causing problems 
 1187 bl P2 deboer@xxxxxx. REO        1.0   Unable to set web module    
 27   o     com            P          M10   path in server document     
 1174 cr P2 kosta@xxxxxxx  NEW        1.0   Can't create project after  
 88   i                               M10   renaming runtime            
 1123 cr P2 deboer@xxxxxx. NEW        1.0   making changes to web       
 63   i     com                       M10   content does not            
                                            automatically depl...       
 1165 cr P2 pavery@xxxxxx. ASS        1.0   NullPointerException at     
 23   i     com            I          M10   BasicStructuredDocumentRegi 
                                            on get...                   
 1186 cr P1 kosta@xxxxxxx  REO        1.0   classpath is missing        
 34   i                    P          M10   WEB-INF/lib jars during     
 1190 ma P2 jsholl@xxxxxx. NEW        1.0   common archive NPE when the 
 51   j     com                       M10   ear has Alt DD              
 1175 ma P2 deboer@xxxxxx. NEW        1.0   Debug Last Launched command 
 29   j     com                       M10   doesn't work on basic Web   
 1183 ma P2 jsholl@xxxxxx. NEW        1.0   EARImport has incorrect     
 31   j     com                       M10   classpath when ejb jars are 
 1189 ma P2 cbridgha@xxxxx NEW        1.0   EnablementManager caching   
 02   j                     M10   causes problems with facets 
 1174 no P2 jsholl@xxxxxx. NEW        1.0   Need way to specify which   
 97   r     com                       M10   facets are automatically    
 1182 no P2 nitind@xxxxxx. NEW        1.0   update problem with         
 51   r     com                       M10   TaglibIndex when adding new 
 1104 en P2 deboer@xxxxxx. ASS        1.0   List Downloadable Server    
 55   h     com            I          M10   Runtimes                    
 1104 en P2 deboer@xxxxxx. ASS        1.0   List Downloadable Servers   
 53   h     com            I          M10   Adapters                    

Arthur Ryman,
IBM Software Group, Rational Division

phone: +1-905-413-3077, TL 969-3077
assistant: +1-905-413-2411, TL 969-2411
fax: +1-905-413-4920, TL 969-4920
mobile: +1-416-939-5063, text: 4169395063@xxxxxxx
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