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Re[2]: [wtp-dev] [Help Wanted] M10 wst.javascript: Design for Platform Use

Hello David,

I found only 'Shift left' and 'Shift right' formatting options for
JavaScript source editor in WTP 0.7. As far as I understand in release
1.0 will not be changes in JavaScript formatting.

Here is my suggestions about Impoving JavaScript Formatting.

JavaScript source editor should have preferences for formatting as
Java Editor in Eclipse 2.1, including:
1. New Lines
  - Insert new line before opening brace
  - Insert new lines in control statements
  - Clear all blank lines
  - Insert new line between 'else if'
  - Insert a new line inside an empty block
2. Line
  - Maximum line length
3. Style
  - Compact assignment
  - Insert tabs for indentation, not spaces
  - Number of spaces representing an identation level

and additional preferences:
4. Format comments
  - Enable comment formatting
  - Clear blank lines in comments
  - Maximum line width for comments

I need some guidance to start work on this item.
What documents would you recommend to read first of all?

Slava Uskov
CPS Labs Ltd

> Sold!  I've opened  
> Bug 118812 [plan] Improve Java Script Formatting 
> to cover activity around this task.  
> Why don't we start by you entering there (as text if short, as attached note if long)
> some of your ideas on how this can be done. We'll be glad to give you
> some guidance and pointers as we go.  
> And, if not obvious, this "M10" item will now become a WTP 1.5 plan item, since we're "done"
> with R1 (M10) except for "bad bug" fixes.  
> Thanks for you interest and help!  
>    Slava Uskov <slava.uskov@xxxxxxxxxxx>  
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