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[wtp-dev] Resolved Hot Bugs Status

There has been a lot of very encouraging progress on the Hot Bug list. Thx for the concerted effort .

Here's the latest Resolved stats.

14 Fixed!

6 Dups.

20 bugs found.
116927 blo P2 PC cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx balakuma@xxxxxxxxxx VERI FIXE jst.j2ee no output from EARExport although export successful
118139 blo P3 PC cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx jspitman@xxxxxxxxxx RESO FIXE jst.j2ee Deploy action, operation needs to work with facet runtimes
117187 blo P2 PC cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx jspitman@xxxxxxxxxx RESO FIXE jst.j2ee Problem with edit model known resources and facets
116934 cri P3 PC cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx tbashor@xxxxxxx RESO FIXE jst.j2ee Remove "Add to EAR" from facet installers
107316 cri P2 PC david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx jljlmatu@xxxxxxxxxx RESO FIXE wst.sse Different id is generated by IModelManager#calculateId() ...
118460 nor P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx driordan@xxxxxxxxxx RESO FIXE wst.serv Server runtime classpath container is not initialised whe...
117792 blo P2 PC jlanuti@xxxxxxxxxx dkoo@xxxxxxxxxx RESO FIXE jst.j2ee Invalid version of EAR project created when creating a ne...
118286 nor P2 PC jlanuti@xxxxxxxxxx deboer@xxxxxxxxxx RESO FIXE wst.comm Ordering of Project Explorer
116929 blo P3 PC jsholl@xxxxxxxxxx balakuma@xxxxxxxxxx VERI FIXE jst.j2ee WARFile.addCopyLib() fails with no bin folder
117779 maj P2 PC jsholl@xxxxxxxxxx eyuen@xxxxxxxxxx RESO FIXE jst.j2ee Create J2EE modules during EAR creation does not have the...
117377 maj P2 PC kosta@xxxxxxx kathy@xxxxxxxxxx RESO FIXE wst.comm Cannot change Java version in project facet UI
115942 blo P3 PC nagrawal@xxxxxxxxxx jspitman@xxxxxxxxxx RESO FIXE jst.j2ee Support post-operations for creating ejb client jar files.
116699 maj P2 PC nagrawal@xxxxxxxxxx cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx RESO FIXE jst.j2ee Facet wizards runtime selection should default facet vers...
107320 cri P2 PC nitind@xxxxxxxxxx jljlmatu@xxxxxxxxxx RESO FIXE wst.sse StructuredTextEitor#setInput() creates another IStructure...
117346 cri P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx eyuen@xxxxxxxxxx RESO DUPL jst.serv NPE when creating EAR/web project and
117140 maj P3 PC jsholl@xxxxxxxxxx balakuma@xxxxxxxxxx RESO DUPL jst.j2ee import/ (create new ejb project) wizard with facets GUI i...
118723 blo P3 PC jst.server-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx blancett@xxxxxxxxxx RESO DUPL jst.j2ee Default module version set to 2.4
117788 maj P3 PC kosta@xxxxxxx eyuen@xxxxxxxxxx RESO DUPL wst.comm Selecting a project facet does not automatically select t...
117939 maj P2 All kosta@xxxxxxx john.oshea@xxxxxxxxxxxxx RESO DUPL wst.comm JDT server runtime classpath containers do not initialize...
117780 maj P3 PC wst.common-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx eyuen@xxxxxxxxxx RESO DUPL wst.comm Java 1.4 facet cannot be switched to Java 5.0 facet

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IBM Software Group, Rational Division

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