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RE: [wtp-dev] Urgent Action Required: Hot Bug List - Fixes NeededBy RC2

Hi Tim,
Thanks for the info.  I was afraid the story might be something like that.  This does represent a regression from what worked in WTP 0.7, but given there was no UI to take advantage of external jars, I don't know how many will be affected by this.
Our situation is that SAS produces a fairly sizable set of library jars that our IDE needs to support.  In addition, new versions of these jars come out periodically so our IDE needs to support multiple versions of those jars, which unfortunately aren't always backwards compatible.  To help manage this situation, we add our own classpath container with its own configuration UI.  For Dynamic Web Projects, we programmatically add the selected jars as external jars to the project's module to include them in the webapp's WEB-INF/lib.  If this feature isn't supported, then SAS's fall back position could be to copy them to the project's WEB-INF/lib, which would be inconvenient workaround, but doable.
Given the nature of the change, I can understand not wanting to take the risk just for SAS's account.  The issue is probably worth getting a handle on now, but here are two other alternatives that would meet SAS's needs.
1) The initial release of our IDE won't occur until some time in early spring.  If there is a 1.0 maintenance release with a fix within that time frame we're okay.  I can't speak for others, though.  In the mean time, I'll would create patched version locally until a fix is available.
2) Perhaps safer than fixing the bug would be to try to ensure that the Tomcat plug-in is extendable so that we can provide a fix by building our own plug-in that extends the Tomcat plug-in.  That way we can provide the ability to test with at least Tomcat (which is what we have in our current IDE) until the fix can get into WTP 1.5 .  A long time ago, I tried extending the Tomcat plug-in to see what I do to provide Tomcat 3.3 support and ran into some issues which prevented its success.  There might still be some changes required for this to work, but it's not published API, so the impact of the changes shouldn't matter.  Should such changes happen to prove to risky, SAS could duplicate the whole plug-in and make changes from there, but it would be nice not to have to do this.  This alternative would imply not using your first choice below of pulling out all of the external jar function and going with the second one instead.
Given that my overall grasp of WTP details probably isn't sufficient to make the ultimate call about fixing this bug, I'll defer to your judgment.  If it's not practical, SAS can try for one of the two above.  Thanks.

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Hi Larry,

I've already started a discussion with the team that added external jar support. Although it is a cool and valuable function, it was added without any coordination with the server team. As a result, there are no server adapters that support it. We've got three options at this point - pull out all of the external jar function, leave the current support in but add a large release note about how it is unsupported at runtime, or make some fairly significant last minute changes in a couple components to get it supported on each of the server types. I understand that this may be a critical issue for you, but we need to be clear that this would be new function in RC2 with little chance for testing.

Tim deBoer
WebSphere Tools - IBM Canada Ltd.
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"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues."

"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues." <wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
RE: [wtp-dev] Urgent Action Required: Hot Bug List - Fixes Needed By        RC2

I would like to add to the hot list as what we are building at SAS Institute on top of Eclipse and WTP would be severely impacted by this bug.  Though the reporter marked it's severity as "normal", it is critical, or at least major, for us.  I'll start investigating the cause to see what a fix might look like.  Thanks.
Larry Isaacs
Java Development Environments
SAS Institute Inc.
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