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[wtp-dev] creating S-builds again, for Wednesday's builds towards RC1 - and detailed schedule.

These will be on only the "committers" download page, until declared, of course, and are just a continuation of the I-builds. Only label is different.

I would also like to propose the following detailed schedule for builds and sniff test reports. If problems with these times, or other proposals, let us know.

1. All fixes released by 7 PM  Wednesday (Eastern) for final RC1 build overnight. (and remember, that's "at the lastest", you don't have to wait until 10 till :)

2. Teams to test and make confirmations or objections report by Noon, Thursday. (Eastern)
If there are no bad regressions or new blockers we'll officially declare RC1 build on Thursday after noon.

All this, of course, depends on the other criteria of getting all the P1's and 2's addressed also, but if there's
any doubt, we will stick to this schedule, since it may take status meeting on Thursday to decide we have or
have not met criteria.  


Oh, and will someone please fix that WSDL Unit Test that's broken 8 times in a row!  :)

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