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[wtp-dev] Notice to remove XSDTextEditor class and WSDLTextEditor class (not function! :)

Just to keep everyone informed, I've asked Keith to go ahead and delete these two deprecated, no-longer-used classes from our builds for RC1.

Normally, "removing deprecated classes" is not something we should be doing at this late point in our cycle, but one of the defining
activities for the SSE team this release was to remove the need to subclass StructuredTextEditor ... so, I think it will be much
less confusing to adopters if we go ahead and remove them. .

Of course, we don't want to casually "break" any adopters that rely on them, so let me know if this causes any problems for anyone.
We can restore them if any sign of trouble.

You can see following bugs for the whole history (which have been "fixed", and the classes unused for a while).

 112883  Get rid of WSDLTextEditor (no subclassing of StructuredTe...
 112884  Get rid of XSDTextEditor (no subclassing of StructuredTex...

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