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Re: [wtp-dev] API scan for I-I200511281843-200511281843 is available

The latest API Progress Report is looking very encouraging overall. There are a few anomolies though.

Three WST components have 0 JUnit coverage:  css.ui, dtd.ui, html.ui. This seems odd. David - are there really no JUnits or are they just not being picked up? The Javadoc for these is also very low, but at there are only a few methods to document here. sse.ui is also in the red for both JUnit and Javadoc. jsp.ui and xml.ui have low Javadoc. These 6 components are candidates for deferal unless the numbers improve.

In JST j2ee.core is missing 600 Javadoc comments. I assume this is all in the generated EMF models. Chuck - can EMF generate Javadoc?

WST common.snippets is missing its Overview document. Craig - you are the wst.common component lead. Please add an Overview document for snippets.

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[wtp-dev] API scan for I-I200511281843-200511281843 is available

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