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[wtp-dev] M8 Declared: 1.0M8 Fri, 23 Sep 2005 -- 08:40 (+0300)




While there is no new function per se in this milestone, there is progress in declaring API
and 125 bugs were fixed.

Just so everyone knows the same information:

Of the 4 "bad bugs" identified at 9/22 status meeting,

two were fixed in this final build

110265 blo P1 1.0 M8 IVirtualFile.exist() returns incorrect value
108671 cri P3 1.0 M8 "Error trying to set new file into editor" error message under WST project

and two were not. But the teams involved decided that while these are serious for some
specific cases, would not hender adoption of M8 by users or adopters in general.
(End users should never see these, if other adopters do -- besides the one adopter we know about
who open the bug :)
please let us know, or comment in the bugzillas, so in future we are better aware of impacts to others).

110229 blo P3 1.0 M8 NoClassDefFoundError for URIResolverPlugin class in headless mode
109758 blo P2 1.0 M9 trying to get ejb artifact edit hangs