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[wtp-dev] Handling code contributions

Here are some quick guidelines for handling code contributions:


  • All WTP contributions from 3rd parties must be submitted via Bugzilla patches, never via email, RAM keys, or other untraceable means. “3rd party” means the person is not (yet) a WTP committer.
  • Any such contribution over 100 lines (as measured by “wc” or an equivalent tool, optionally excluding whitespace but not excluding comments) must be accompanied by a contribution questionnaire.
  • Committers do not need to do this *unless* they are transferring existing IP (for example, committing code to the Eclipse CVS repository that was originally written for their employer).
  • Any code contribution must be EPL-licensable and be free of proprietary copyrights or restrictions.
  • Any contribution questionnaires should be logged in the WTP “IP Log”….which we’ll be setting up on the WTP website shortly (stay tuned).



These guidelines are a distillation of information from the Eclipse Development Process, Due Diligence Guidelines, and the Eclipse IP Policy.