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[wtp-dev] What have I done o deserve this ? (Editor problem)

Suddenly I am no longer allowed to type what I want in my editor.

In source-code I often use brackets (bot [] and {}). Bu suddenly I am only allowed to type the left-brakets (of both

If I'm in source-code, and the editor understands that there should be a set of brackets, if provides the right-bracket
when i type the left one.


Whenever the editor doesn't get it, It only gives me the left one, and the right one is disabled. I cannont type it in.

eg: in a JSP I want to do this :

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
var pic = null;
var layer = null;

function select(newLayer){



The function-definition clearly must have a right-bracket in order to be vorrect, but My editor doesn't allow me to type
it. (nothing happends when I press "}" )

This happens regardless of what editor I choose (JSP source-code, text, or wharever) when opening the file (Open in..).

What setting have I done do make Eclipse behave like this ?



(as of now I have to copy/paste any right-bracket I need, but this is a really painful process when trying to code...)