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[wtp-dev] I-Build declared: I20050916 ---- but need fixes before testing begins: Monday Noon

I20050916   Fri, 16 Sep 2005 -- 00:52 (+0300)

This build has not quite replicated to the download web site yet, but should soon.


(but Eclipse site seems unusually slow ... so, if you can not wait, this
build is available from our "continuous build" site:

Even though this I-build has two failing JUnits (Chuck is submitting fixes even now),
and one "blocker" (109758) was opened just before noon,

From what I can tell, the best course of action is to "declare" this our weekly I-build (suitable for development
target), but we will need another build before beginning our Milestone testing. Target date and time for
the "milestone candidate" build is Monday noon (eastern time).
This will allow adopters to continue their scheduled builds today, if any.

Besides the JUnit fixes, and investigating the blocker, we also * really * should be
on 3.1.1 Release candidate 1 before testing and I do not believe we are yet,
so I'll investigate if we can safely and easily move up before Monday noon build .

Same rules apply though ... only release code for blocking or critical fixes and maintain
stability ... if in doubt, check with a member of the PMC first.

We (me and "submitting" component leads) will keep all informed via this wtp-dev list.

Sorry for the delay (be sure to let me (or list) know if any impact or implications we are not aware of).