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[wtp-dev] Build changes


In order to improve our builds, there has been some changes. The old build releng.builder is now retired. long live the releng.wtpbuilder. This will not have a major impact on most committers as releasing and maps stay the same with a few changes. You might have noticed that there are has been some differences. The work is still in progress so please bear with us and provide any feedback you have at:


Here is what is different.

* Builds are continuous, the results are uploaded to a different
area (http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/committers). These
uploads are temporary and will be kept until a build is declared. When a build is declared it will be moved to regular builds area
(http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/downloads). The home page
is not active but the but the trial builds can be downloaded using
the links in notice emails (wtp.releng mail list).
* wtpbuilder separates build scripts removed api-checks and
performances tests. These will be done on declared builds only. This is work in progress.
* wtpbuilder has the concept of a _component _and a
_distributable_. A _component _produces a jar from feature
definitions (such as jst or wst). A distributable is a tested
set of components (Ä.e. wst, jst, jst.tests etc.) which have a
site where these reports can be reviewed and artifacts can be
downloaded. Currently, only distributable is wtp.
* docs are not included in the current build. They will not be
built seperately but included with features. Any component which
is not top level, must be included in a top-level feature.
Currently wtp distributable has 8 top level features (wst,
wst-sdk, wst.tests, wts.perf.tests and jst equivalent of these)
(Lawrence can we update the features so that docs get included
with wst and jst)

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