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[wtp-dev] Tomcat not start in debug mode

Im testing the Eclipse 3.1 with WTP 0.7 in solaris 8, and all works
fine, except tomcat
5.0.28 in debug mode.
When I start the tomcat in "normal" mode (without debug), the server starts
normally and I run my JSP an servlets, but when I try start the tomcat in debug
mode, not work, and generates a obscure error (Server <tomcat-version> failed to
The logs of tomcat dont show antything.
Im test in a lot of Eclipse(3.1M6, 3.1M7, 3.1 RC1) + WTP(M3, M4, integration
builds, nigthly builds) + tomcat versions (5.0.28, 5.5) ...
nothing these configurations do the tomcat debug work on my solaris ... :(