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RE: [wtp-dev] What happened to our I-builds?

Was wondering if there will be a "blessed" I-build published this week?

If we have suspended weekly blessing of I-builds, could component leads send a note to the list if/when something changes that breaks or significantly alters any basic scenarios not covered by the JUnit tests?

I don't particularly mind just picking the last continuous I-build that had zero build and junit errors and trying to integrate to it, but it would be much appreciated if major api or UI changes are publicized (as some folks have been doing).

Thanks, Ted

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David M Williams wrote:

> Don't worry ... nothing bad has happened to them .... but I've heard 
> that question a lot :)
They were asking you then :-)  Nobody bugged me even once.

> Now we have maintenance builds going .... ability to do separate doc 
> build as needed
> (much thanks to Naci, Lawrence and Jeffrey) ....
> ... everyone ready to "Integrate"? (meaning, commit HEAD, and release, 
> which means tag that HEAD version
> and update map files in HEAD of releng) .... I hope I don't need to 
> draw a picture :)
> As far as I know ... all is ready for (at least) a "Thursday I-build" 
>  (and I'm sure Naci will let me know if I am wrong).

I-Builds are paused but ready to go.  And today is thursday so lets 
start them.

> Naci ... what's your advice (or plan :) on doing maintenance and 
> I-builds? Can they both be running "continuously"
> (that is, if changes detected, a build is queued up ... or should we 
> have a fixed schedule for one or the other?).
As far as I know running two builds simultaenously has no harm other 
than loading the server, but it should withstand that kind of stress.  I 
am all for continous builds... But this brings us to your next item, 
these builds will happen as things are released so means lot of trial 
buiilds.  We should not confuse the user community, seperating the 
download are sounds like an easy solution

> BTW, since our "frequent warm-up I-builds" seems to cause some 
> confusion about "which and when to download"
> as we do them continuously ... perhaps we need a separate download 
> page  "for developers" ... and
> once we "declare an I-build" ... simply move it to the more general 
> downloads page?  (all would be public, but our
> intent might be clearer).
> (plus .. .we still need to get that "I-build" name changed ... to 
> "tagged builds" ... I think was the most recent candidate ... I've 
> lost track).

I still like the "I-Build" name, all builds are  tagged, so "tagged" 
does not contribute much in terms of information. Plus we use  what all 
other projects use.  I am against changing it, especially if it does not 
contribute anything.

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