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[wtp-dev] Re: bugzilla notifications being sent to the mailing list

Sorry to harp on this, but has anyone contacted Denis about configuring WTP bugzilla to remove the mailing list as the default bugzilla component owner?  A simple solution would be to introduce a single email alias as the owner of all WTP components (such as wtp-bugs@xxxxxxxxxxx). Those still wanting to receive bugzilla emails would configure their bugzilla account to listen to this alias, and the mailing list subscribers would be spared the extra clutter. As it is, the signal to noise ratio on this list is rapidly falling...


Eclipse Webmaster (Denis Roy) wrote:

Bjorn had requested this setup back in november, but I hadn't set it up correctly. I recently "fixed" it, that's why you're getting these e-mails now.

If you want to reassign components to new owners, just let me know.


Arthur Ryman wrote:


Sounds like an error. I reported a similar problem to the Webmaster. In that case it looked like someone had incorrectly assigned the bug to wtp-dev, but maybe there was a config error.

Denis, do you administer Bugzilla for WTP? If so, please correct this. wtp-dev is not the right owner.

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                 Re: [wtp-dev] [Bug 106853]  New: Need file extension constants


Has the wtp-dev mailing list recently been configured as the default owner for WTP bugs? If so, I assume this was a mistake? Most listeners to this mailing list probably don't want to track every new bug that comes in. Typically a component in bugzilla will have an email alias as the component owner (such as wtp-standard-tools-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx), and those who want to track new bugs in that component would configure their bugzilla account to listen to that address.


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