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RE: [wtp-dev] FW: Arrays vs. Collections in new API

No, we are not proposing to move to Java 5.0 for the 1.0 release. What the conversation was about and what we would like to propose to WTP as a whole is to consider moving to using unparameterized Collections in the API for the 1.0 release. Then, when platform and WTP moves to Java 5.0 (3.2/1.5?), the APIs can be changed to use parameterized collections without breaking binary compatibility.




- Konstantin


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This was interesting ... but to be clear, our 1.0 will be on Eclipse 3.1.1 and, I'm guessing, when
Jim said "in the fall they will start to use Java 5.0" I suspect he meant for the 3.2 stream.

Are you suggesting we standardize on Java 5.0 for our API and 1.0 release?
If so ... seems like a huge step, to me.

So ... just thought I'd ask for clarification ... maybe you were just sharing
an interesting discussion?

>Jim des Rivieres wrote up this helpful response to an API question we had, and
>agreed to let me forward it to the list.  Something to consider as we finalize api for 1.0.

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