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Re: [wtp-dev] Features Framework proposal


I've had a look through the latest rev of the document. The mailing list has been pretty quiet on this so I'm wondering if the proposed design has been refined any more and if any progress has been made toward closing the "Open Issues". We (the Web services team) would like to be involved in any ongoing design discussions/ working groups related to this since we'll be looking at merging our Web service runtime framework and associated UI with the features framework. We're working on a design now. If are there any ongoing, regular design discussions aleady in progress (apart from this mailing list), please include us in them. If not, perhaps regular design meetings should be set up including Server, J2EE, and Web services folks. Is there a target date for having the design finalized to the point where coding can begin?

Rupam Kuehner
IBM Rational Software
phone: 905.413.3859

"Ted Bashor" <tbashor@xxxxxxx>
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07/29/2005 04:28 PM

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[wtp-dev] Features Framework proposal

Wanted to let people know that an updated version of the features framework spec document has been posted

As this is a key api change that is on the table for 1.0, your timely comments are appreciated.  We'll try to keep the list informed of any related design discussions.

Thanks, Ted
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