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Re: [wtp-dev] [Bug 106853] New: Need file extension constants

Has the wtp-dev mailing list recently been configured as the default owner for WTP bugs?  If so, I assume this was a mistake?  Most listeners to this mailing list probably don't want to track every new bug that comes in.  Typically a component in bugzilla will have an email alias as the component owner (such as wtp-standard-tools-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx), and those who want to track new bugs in that component would configure their bugzilla account to listen to that address.


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12/08/2005 11:06 AM

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[wtp-dev] [Bug 106853]  New: Need file extension constants

          Summary: Need file extension constants
          Product: Web Tools
          Version: 0.7
         Platform: PC
       OS/Version: Windows XP
           Status: NEW
         Severity: normal
         Priority: P3
        Component: Web Standard Tools
       AssignedTo: wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
       ReportedBy: ebordeau@xxxxxxxxxx

File extension strings ("jsp", "html", etc) are used all over.  Instead of
creating new strings (i.e. extension.equals("jsp")), WST should have constants
for common file extensions.

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