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[wtp-dev] What happened to our I-builds?

Don't worry ... nothing bad has happened to them .... but I've heard that question a lot :)

Now we have maintenance builds going .... ability to do separate doc build as needed
(much thanks to Naci, Lawrence and Jeffrey) ....
... everyone ready to "Integrate"? (meaning, commit HEAD, and release, which means tag that HEAD version
and update map files in HEAD of releng) .... I hope I don't need to draw a picture :)

As far as I know ... all is ready for (at least) a "Thursday I-build"  (and I'm sure Naci will let me know if I am wrong).

Naci ... what's your advice (or plan :) on doing maintenance and I-builds? Can they both be running "continuously"
(that is, if changes detected, a build is queued up ... or should we have a fixed schedule for one or the other?).

BTW, since our "frequent warm-up I-builds" seems to cause some confusion about "which and when to download"
as we do them continuously ... perhaps we need a separate download page  "for developers" ... and
once we "declare an I-build" ... simply move it to the more general downloads page?  (all would be public, but our
intent might be clearer).

(plus .. .we still need to get that "I-build" name changed ... to "tagged builds" ... I think was the most recent candidate ... I've lost track).

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