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[wtp-dev] Notes on Builds, CVS tags, releasing code

Please do not "release" code for a build yet, as we still have some "documentation builds" to do, and having newly released
code would only complicate that (I think).  Hopefully this will be resolved within a week at which time we will restart I-builds for post 0.7 work.
And, committing code to head should be fine, though no immediate plans for "head builds" either (that I know of).
[I'd still prefer to only do head builds on special requests, as I think head builds have limited usefulness and can even
be misleading ... such as most assume their head version of code is ok to be released if it is good in a head build .. it is not,
it should be checked (locally) against currently released code since that is what is used once it is released].

Also, I've tagged all the projects used in the final 0.7 build with R0_7.  
This is mostly a CVS convenience, as sometimes doing a "compare with another version"
goes much better if there is a common version tag to use.

This R0_7 tag will not effect most developers, since nearly all developement is done
in head, and then tagged with normal vdate-time stamp as alwasy.
However if/when anyone needs a maintenance branch for 0.7, the tag R0_7 should be used
as "the starting tag" ... again, this is not technically required, but makes CVS tools easier to
use for us humans, getting a clear indication of when the branch started. We'll work out more
about maintenance builds later.

If there's ever any doubt the map file produced (and tagged) with the 0.7 build its the officially correct version.

Please let me know if questions or concerns about this timing.

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