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[wtp-dev] The JUnit tests are working as they are supposed to -- RC4 delayed

Greatest apologies, but the breaking JUnit tests in
I20050726 Tue, 26 Jul 2005 -- 22:44 (-0400)
are "real" (and significant) .... resulting, I believe, from the
fixes related to [103306] Failure when importing a WSDL file in another WSDL
The breaks are specific to Linux, not Windows (which is why my
standard release procedures didn't find it earlier).

I have reverted part of the fix for 103306, so that  'JSP includes'
work as they previously did (even on Linux)
and local testing (thanks Lawrence) indicates 'WSDL includes' also work
with the (remaining) fix for 103306.

Given this was a "revert" of a recent fix, I am re-spining the I-build
without further PMC review. The re-build is in progress, ETA 3:30 AM 7/27.
But, I would recommend some more (re) testing of that I-build to be sure I have
successfully reverted back to a "steady state". Hence, RC4 could not
be officially promoted until Wednesday after noon, instead of the
Wednesday morning, as previously announced. If this exact
timing effects anyone, please let me know.

I have opened bug 105268 to track this breakage, and will
likely use it to track long term (post 0.7) cleanup of
this file:// vs. file:/// issues. See

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