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[wtp-dev] RC4 build Tuesday afternoon

This afternoon, (starting approx. 2 PM EDT) we plan to build RC4 with fixes for the following bugs.
This will show up first as an I-build (around 5 PM), and will likely not be "promoted" to official RC4 status until Wednesday morning.

93437 Error when deploying Web service to Axis runtime on SLES 9.0
94602 .deployables seen in Synchronize when set to Team Ignore
103306 Failure when importing a WSDL file in another WSDL for WTP > M4
104413 Schema validation errors when disconnected from internet
104563 Generic servers are sometimes restarted even when running
105059 File protocol gets truncated in CMDocumentFactoryXSD.createCMDocument()
105083 Use Axis 1.2.1 license info in the and about.html file in org.apache.axis plugin

Let me know if questions or concerns

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