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[wtp-dev] RC3 Declared and is available

A new release candidate has been promoted. This is the previously planned "Monday build" that contains the
final build of JEM 1.1 -- there is not supposed to be any changes from previous version, but
please finish up your testing this week with this new build and the official JEM 1.1 release
... just in case.

Also, I released  the following 3 non-code-related fixes.

104956 nor P2 old, out of date "buildnotes" should be removed from build.
104733 maj P2 The Tomcat v5 installation system property is not being properly set for JUnit tests
104958 maj P3 Application Client Projects folder is labeled with key:  %Application_Client_Project

This RC3  build is the same as
 I20050725Mon, 25 Jul 2005 -- 03:08 (-0400)


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