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Fw: [wtp-dev] Released Web service fix - upgrade Axis 1.1 to Axis 1.2.1 in WTP

Testing looks good with the Web Services wizards, Web Service Explorer and WSI Test tool after switching from Axis 1.1 to Axis 1.2.1.

The update from Axis 1.1 to Axis 1.2.1 fix has been made, reviewed, committed and released to the following defect today under tag v20050721_1900.

Kathy Chan
Rational Studio Java Web Services, IBM Toronto Lab
D3-354, D3/R8V/8200/MKM, 8200 Warden Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L6G 1C7
kathy@xxxxxxxxxx, (905) 413-3022, tieline: 969-6038, fax: (905) 413-4920

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[wtp-dev] Attempting to upgrade Axis 1.1 to Axis 1.2.1 in WTP

To anyone interested in Axis Web services...

EOD yesterday we received legal approval to ship Axis 1.2.1 with Eclipse WTP. We are down to the wire on declaring RC2 and WTP 0.7 and would ordinarily not entertain a change of this sort now, but knowing the value of Axis 1.2.1 over Axis 1.1 have decided to attempt this change today, along with all the necessary testing, code reviews and risk assessment required at this stage. If the change goes smoothly and the risk appears very low, we will replace plugin "org.apache.axis11" containing Axis 1.1 by plugin "org.apache.axis" containing Axis 1.2.1. If for any reason - again, thru testing, code reviews or risk assessment - we find this change to carry any risk of regression, then we will regretfully have to postpone it to WTP 1.0.

On a more technical level, the change from Axis 1.1 to Axis 1.2.1 affects these aspects of WTP, all of which will endure a measure of testing before we even consider committing the change:

1. The Web service Axis wizards run the Axis emitters and other bits of the Axis distribution to generate Axis services and clients.

2. The Web service Axis wizards deploy the Axis jars to the target Web project hosting the Axis service or client.

3. The Web Services Explorer and UDDI4J both act as Web service clients, using the Axis runtime for invoking Web services and talking to UDDI registries.

4. The WSI test tools rely on a smidgen of code from the Axis distribution.

Note: This change is to replace Axis 1.1 by 1.2.1. It will NOT result in both Axis 1.1 and 1.2.1 being available in the Web services wizards for purposes of deploying clients or services. Support for multiple versions of Axis is being tracked under enhancement 88684 [2].

Reactions, ideas, offers of help, etc. are welcome as always. Otherwise, stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed. Thanks.



Cheers - CB.

Chris Brealey
Senior Advisory Technical Manager, Rational Java Web Services, IBM Canada Ltd.
D3-275, D3/ENX/8200/MKM, 8200 Warden Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L6G 1C7
cbrealey@xxxxxxxxxx, 905.413.6038, tieline:969.6038, fax:905.413.4920
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