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[wtp-dev] 0.7 Release Plans

WTP Developers,


We’re heading into the final stages of shipping 0.7. This is an update on the calendar of events and the rules of engagement as we try to get our initial product ship out the door.


Tuesday 19 – Thursday 21: Final WTP bug fixing; cutoff is 8pm EDT Thursday

Friday 22: RC2 available (planned ETA is 9am EDT); RC2 testing begins

Monday 25: RC2 respin with final JEM version (no behavior should change)

Tuesday 26 – Thursday 28: Validation and platform testing for GA (CC automode will be off)

Friday 29: 0.7 GA declared and posted


If stop ship problems are encountered while testing RC2, the process is:

  • Raise the problem to the affected component lead; the defect entry must contain a patch with the proposed fix
  • If the component lead agrees, s/he will escalate to the WTP PMC and provide a rationale for the fix and a brief overview of the change impact analysis
  • The PMC will convene (via email) and vote; once a quorum is reached, the bug will either be deferred or the change permitted. If permitted, a new RC is created and the final testing process resumes. The release date may need to be adjusted as well.


We’ll review high priority/severity bugs at the Thursday status meeting and the PMC will evaluate ship status in next Tuesday’s call.


Thanks to everyone for your hard work towards making our initial release successful!




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