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[wtp-dev] Released changes for RDB fixes

We've made, reviewed, committed and released fixes to the following defects:

103596 - Need to improve templates
103597 - Derby Embedded driver should be the default
103750 - DDL extension should be associated with the SQL editor
103751 - DDL generation does not work for Derby functions
103752 - Derby routine refreshing fails
103753 - DDL Generator needs redesign
103754 - Table data editor fails on an empty view
103755 - Open With SQL Edtior should not honot DDL generation options
103757 - Improve error reporting on Data Loading
103758 - Execute SQL statement does not dispaly SQL warnings
104123 - Server Explorer virtual folder should only show when they apply
104124 - Derby view refresh fails
104125 - The SQL editor should use .sql as the default extension

Larry Dunnell
Internet address: ledunnel@xxxxxxxxxx

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