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[wtp-dev] Status of I-build - still examining

Just to keep everyone informed .... since it is noon EST.

We are still examining this morning's I-build to see if it is one we can live with -- I *think* it is.

The failing WSDL and WSI JUnit tests are probably either something very simple related to recent build process/property changes (in which case
we'd re-spin), or something very deep related to RC1 or EMF (in which case, it'll take some time to track down and fix) .
David Lauzon is still investigating and we will make a decision in a few hours whether to re-spin or live with the failure.
Will announce decision by 3:00 EST.

Other than that, a few of us (at least) have sanity checked the build ... can still edit files, can still "run on server" so
I don't anticipate any blockers one way or the other -- please post here on wtp-dev if anyone does
see any "show stoppers" with this I-build, that would cause it to be declared "failure-do not use".



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