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[wtp-dev] Update on 2005 release plans

The Web Tools Platform project is updating its release for 2005 to reflect its focus on quality and platform APIs. The initial release, slated for July 31st and based on version 3.1 of the Eclipse platform, targets user tools and will be numbered 0.7. The second release, slated for December 15th, targets platform-quality APIs and will be numbered 1.0. This release sequence is designed to encourage early use of the tools, while providing adequate time to develope and promote a sustainable framework. For consumers of the provisional APIs in the July release, this numbering also provides clearer guidance on their maturity level and establishes a timeframe for ratifying those APIs before they assume their final form, as requested by WTP clients. The feature set for the July release remains unchanged from previous plans.


The WTP 1.0 requirements document may be found at


Note that WTP APIs with dependencies on 3.2 platform planning may remain provisional beyond the WTP 1.0 release.





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