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[wtp-dev] Status of I-build warm-up

Just wanted to be sure all teams knew of I-build warm-up status.

1. First, with those of you with failing tests ... please attend

org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.tests_     2
org.eclipse.jst.server.geronimo.core.tests_     DNF

2, I think everyone needs to 'release' everything to pick up general changes that sometimes others might
have made to your plugins/build properties, etc, so ... release early, release often, so we can make step-by-step progress
to the I-build (and not have to rely on the very last one on Thursday, please).

3. I don't think we've literally moved up to RC1 on build machine yet, but (as far as I know) that's the plan.
Should not effect compile (i.e. no compile errors) but we should be sure to "sniff" results
to be sure we still run with RC1 (with patch for update.configurator, as previously mentioned)
and get bugs entered if not.


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