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Re: [wtp-dev] Moving to RC1

David did you use RC1 as the build target or just try to run the junit tests form it, because I seem to have no trouble running my tests, working with RC1 and having M7 as my build target.

David M Williams wrote:

I can't seem to run JUnit Plugin tests with RC1 .... and opened a blocker

I haven't seen a response to the bug yet, but can anyone else (in WTP) confirm that JUnit Plugin tests work ok for them with RC1? (that its, its just me or my environment) or confirm that
they are not ok?

I'd prefer to wait until this bug is better understood, before we move up. (That is, whether it is not a bug others have, or there is a known work-around, etc.).


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	[wtp-dev] Moving to RC1


Are there any issues (that you may know about) with moving to eclipse
RC1, and emf/gef/jem 0526 drivers starting this week?  If  there are
none,  I am going to suggest we start trials starting with the N-Build
on monday.

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