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[wtp-dev] Source Quality 1: unused imports -- Yes, I've been changing your source code again

I increased some of my workspace settings to 'errors' for "unused imports" ... noticing that some of our 400 or so build time warnings are caused from this.

I found about 100 errors of "unused imports" that were immediately detectable (and fixable) by Eclipse development environment, in 21 projects (and yes, one or two were
in mine).

So ... I fixed ALL of these, and committed to HEAD.

All this takes is a simple ctrl-shift-O (on either the file, or with the whole project selected).

We need to be sure to keep our criteria high for "source code quality" ... its not enough "that it works".

And, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say source code that has unused imports is about a '1'.

So ... if you don't like me changing your source code, please keep this setting set to 'error' and keep your
imports organized.


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