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Re: [wtp-dev] I-build re-spin in progress

David M Williams wrote:
Thanks to David for helping with the builds this week.  As you can tell I have been absent :-), I am attending two conferences this week and on Monday,  Ozgur will help with any other issues that David, and/or I cannot resolve.

Thanks for the quick attention, all component leads believe they have fixed failing tests, so I "manually" started another I-build.

 Assuming the best (no JUnit failures) I suggest teams sanity check the results, since its our first one on M7 to be sure its suitable for further developement.

If anyone see's any major problems and wants a re-spin, please request it by 12 noon (EDT) on Friday.

BTW, there might be some spurious "build failed" notices being sent out, I think because there is a time-out issue with some
performance test mechanisms ... Jeffrey Liu will be looking into that but that's not expected to be fixed by this I-build.
(it does not seem to effect the rest of the build, or the upload's of the zip's).

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