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RE: [wtp-dev] PMC decision on project and server API enhancements

Could we have some more details on the roadmap the PMC has in mind?
Is the idea that 1.1 will be based on Eclipse 3.1 or 3.2?   A second release of WTP this year on top of  3.1 might offer improved provisional api and bug fixes, but seems unlikely to contain significantly more "non-provisional" API, given anticipated 3.2 changes.
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Subject: [wtp-dev] PMC decision on project and server API enhancements

Because of the need to ship in a timely manner, the WTP PMC has decided to postpone the suggested enhancements to the flexible project model/server APIs. Although these are important pieces of the WTP framework, scheduling constraints and incipient change in this area in the platform itself have caused us to defer those changes until the 1.1 release. The PMC resolved to

  • Maintain the current shipping schedule
  • Make the quality of user tools the focus of the 1.0 release
  • Make the framework (APIs) the focus of the 1.1 release, including finalizing the project and server models

One natural fallout of this decision is that the server and project APIs must be provisional in 1.0, given that they are almost certain to change for the reasons cited. WTP will document them as such (JavaDoc, component.xml, release documentation) but is not currently planning on altering the packaging because of the delays involved and the shortness of the remaining schedule.

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