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RE: [wtp-dev] flexible project & server api changes - please review

Here's my best guess at some time estimates for this proposal.
My team is able to contribute or assist with the items below that don't have question marks.

Assumptions:  Formal community and PMC approval by 5/17

Summary:  Initial work will silently co-exist with existing component type/server type implementations.  Estimate that by 6/10, we will be able to remove IVirtualComponent.get/setComponentTypeId() and be fully converted to using features.

finalize IFeature model, extension points - 94608
    5/18   assuming no major revisions to the proposed api

Integration with componentcore - 94609
feature lifecycle management - 94616 
    5/18   IFeatureDescriptor impl, ModuleIVirtualComponent.add/removeFeature()

feature selection panel - 94610
    5/27   simple checkbox list in a popup dialog, checks constraints

Feature definition (large scale features) - 94614 
    5/27    EAR  (1.x)
    5/27    web  (non-java)
    5/27    web  (2.x)
    5/27    EJB  (no annotations)
    6/3     EJB  (xdoclet)
    5/27    Tomcat (x.x)
    6/3     Generic servers
(Note that initial implementations will just use a popup dialog to get config info, wiz integration by 6/10)
    6/10 ?  Web service (specify designtime and/or runtime ?)
    6/10 ?  Web service client

IRuntime changes - 94611 
    5/27    API and extension points
    6/3     Adding project to server checks feature constraints
    6/3     panel that wraps the feature selection panel: display server type compatibility as features are selected and/or drive feature selection based on selecting a server type

New project wizard work  (Features providing DataModels) - 94615 
    6/10    Feature-based new project wizard(s) for EAR, Web, EJB, Tomcat, Generic
    6/10 ?  New component wizards converted to using features
    6/17    Menu item for changing features on existing project/component

Structural builder moving to publish tasks - 94617
[Note that I believe we should do this regardless of acceptance of the feature proposal.  Migration can initially be done based on component type.]
    6/10 ?  Switch module assembly publish tasks to use feature id instead of component type.

function group/feature interaction - 94613
    6/10 ?  Switch function groups to use feature id instead of component type.

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