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[wtp-dev] flexible project & server api changes - please review

The following document describes proposed changes to componentcore and server apis:
A couple main objectives:
1)  provide a nature-style api on flexible project components
2)  less direct coupling of a wtp project and a particular IServerRuntime
Feedback is very welcome.  I've gone ahead and opened a set of bugs to track the tasks involved in getting this into m5.  These are all pending approval of the api change of course.
IFeature model, extension points - 94608
Integration with componentcore - 94609
feature selection panel - 94610
IRuntime changes - 94611 
function group/feature interaction - 94613
Feature definition (large scale features) - 94614 
New project wizard work  (Features providing DataModels) - 94615 
feature lifecycle management - 94616 
Structural builder moving to publish tasks - 94617
-- Ted

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