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[wtp-dev] M4 Shutdown - List of blocker, critical and majors bugs still open.

I set out to compile a list of open bug reports and list the status at the milestone test plan page;

There are currently 14 blocker/critical bugs that are not addressed.
The list goes up to 71 if we add the major ones.

Please review and provide feedback on this list in preparation for declaring M4.

14 bugs found.
ID Sev Pri Plt Assignee Status Resolution Summary
86702 cri P3 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Tomcat: Server not stopped on shutdown
90014 blo P3 PC blancett@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Can't run servlets on Tomcat 5.5 in latest integration bu...
90575 blo P3 PC wst.wsdl-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW WSDL broswer hangs Eclispe on Win XP
91857 cri P3 PC nagrawal@xxxxxxxxxx NEW DBCS3.1:opening a J2EE view results in many error windows...
91927 blo P3 PC cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx NEW org.apache.crimson.tree.DomEx: NOT_FOUND_ERR with WebDepl...
91992 blo P3 Mac wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx REOP the web-service creation wizard hangs eclipse
92235 blo P3 PC dfholt@xxxxxxxxxx REOP Creating EJB Project (second project) throws an exception...
92308 cri P3 PC gilberta@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Sample JSP gen not using server created by Web service wi...
92409 cri P3 PC wst.server-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW Cannot run multiple components of same Project on a server
92411 cri P3 PC gilberta@xxxxxxxxxx NEW GSTC selects wrong component for code generation
92423 cri P3 PC jst.j2ee-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW Web service wizard hangs on Next on page 4
92461 blo P3 PC jst.ejb-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW XDoclet builder does not get added to project with ejb mo...
92495 cri P3 PC jst.j2ee-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW WebModuleArtifactAdapter returns wrong module
92531 cri P3 PC wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW InvocationTargetException/IllegalArgumentException when c...
14 bugs found.
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