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[wtp-dev] I20050422 Fri, 22 Apr 2005 -- 16:01 (-0400) declared I-build, M4 Candidate 1

Since no one's posted "blockers" that would require a re-spin,
I'll declare following build our official I-build this week and the
one that should be used to test main-path scenarios for the
next 2 to 4 days to verify we are good to declare M4 next week.

I20050422Fri, 22 Apr 2005 -- 16:01 (-0400)

As you test, be sure to open bugs with appropriate severities,
priorities, details of workarounds, etc.

Also, don't forget to cover both windows and linux .. in fact,
to verify basic NL enablement, Linux with DBCS "installed"
is a good test environment
(see, for example,
and ask Jeffrey Liu if need help knowing how to test/verify
basic enablement) enablement per se was not a "P1" item for M4,
I'm just asking that we verify things basically work in those
environments, as much as possible).

(Note, do to my own error, I released a version that removed
some inappropriate binary zip files from a "development"
directory and cruise control was still apparently in
cruising. So, the 'final' build on 4/22 should
be functionally identical to the earlier build on 4/22. The
fact that a JUnit test failed in one but not in the other
I think is just a sign that more investigation is needed into
that JUnit ... but I'll go with the green check mark any chance
I get :) And .. I've asked Naci and Ozgur to check Cruise
Control to help ensure no more automatic I-builds are
done until after M4 declared.

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