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[wtp-dev] Good to test?

I *think* we have a build worthy of "milestone level testing"

I20050422Fri, 22 Apr 2005 -- 05:48 (-0400)

But need confirmation from component leads.

If there is any reason to re-spin this build, please
say so by Friday, 12 noon (EDT), otherwise we'll declare
this one as this week's I-build, and let it ripen for a
few days.

(There was one failing JUnit test, but
unless that blocks a critical path, I recommend not
rebuilding, in the interest of taking a step back and
exercising whole "product").

We can re-build next week for any more fixes to pick
up for the official M4 build, but we are at the point now
that we (and community) need to do some "final" testing
to know what shape we are in for M4. [we will have
bugs, its just a question of how many and in what areas --
better to have a well understood build with a good list
of defects, than a few defects fixed and lots of unknown,
never tested changes.]

So ... I propose

1. no rebuilds until next Tuesday,
unless there is a defect that blocks testing
some critical path for which there is no work around
or patch possible -- and I'll be brutal  ... bugs with
"blocking" severity must be opened and posted here
for public scrutiny.

2. Any bugs you find that you want to fix for M4,
but are not "blocking" please mark with "P1" so
we can examine whole list of what's proposed to
put in next week and make sure
we are not churning too much.  My expectation
is that only 10 to 30 bugs/changes are acceptable for
next week, so please set the bar high.

Sound reasonable?

Oh .. and also be sure to "clean up" existing
defects, marking if fixed, mark as 'remind' if
waiting for more information, and don't forget
our favorite: "worksforme" :)

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